Pre-Release Date (Vanguard Festival 2014 - Japanese Version): 26th April 2014 and 27th April 2014

- Each pack contains 3 cards
- Each box contains 10 packs.
- Total card type: 37 (30 new cards + 7 SP reprints)
Note: All cards will be in RRR rarity coating.

- "Fighter's Collection 2014" is the 2nd Fighter's Collection Pack released in the Japanese format, and the 1st to be released in the English format (Whose date is currently unknown).
- It contains grade 3 cards for all clans existing on Planet Cray.
- SP cards will be reprints of popular cards such as Majesty Lord Blaster with special flavor text printed.
- The 30 different cards will include grade 3 cards from all 23 clans (Excluding Etranger).
- Out of the 30 cards, there will be 2 Bermuda △ cards (same name and same abilities) with white clothed version and black clothed version.
- The card ratio will be different from both normal and extra booster sets.
- Get! Treasure Campaign (formerly Gold Trigger Campaign) will be inside as well.